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Your Reality is Through a Screen

5 Nov




I was debating whether or not I should include another gif and ultimately decided against it as I try to make my posts more content-focused.  But everyone in the lesbian world of shipping knows damn well that one more gif would’ve lead to gifs of every lesbian relationship ever portrayed on television, which we know them all.  The Queer fandom world is unlike any audience I’ve ever been a part of; occupied by some of the most talented, devoted, and passionate people I’ve had the pleasure of admiring.  With social media platforms like Tumblr it’s easier than ever for us to share our fantasies and interpretations of our favorite onscreen relationships in the form of fanfics, gifs, and everything else in between.  While I enjoy every single minute of scrolling and reading, sometimes I stop to think is it sad that I’m practically living an important aspect of my life through glowing screens?

For those of us who don’t have that great group of lesbian friends like the ladies of The Real L Word, where else are we supposed to go for a community that feels like a friendship?  The art of shipping fictional characters (yes it’s totally an art) may appear a bit insane to outsiders, but I completely understand and appreciate the necessity for it. It’s an expression and manifestation of the things we hope for ourselves, the things we don’t see in everyday life because we may not know a lesbian couple personally.  Years ago when South of Nowhere first aired in 2005 I remember so badly wanting to talk to anyone about my love for Spencer and Ashley (Shipping name: Spashley).  I wasn’t out yet and I had never heard of anyone else mentioning the show so I just kept everything to myself.  Luckily I was pretty tech obsessed and ended up finding the Spashley message boards online where I would sift through posts finding obsessed girls like me as well as the confused and scared.  Message boards, the original Tumblrs without the breadth of personalization, gifs, audio, video, and well… pretty much everything.  But it’s all we had and I know how much they helped me discover myself and share parts of me with strangers who felt similarly.

Fandoms of the Queer persuasion also know how frustrating it is to be a devoted shipper, as the relationships we crave are more often than not destroyed and/or ruined in the least favorable of ways.  Yes I’m sure we’re aware that not all of our beloved relationships can go exactly as we’d like, but can we have just one that works out, gets adequate story time, and avoids making generalizations or upholding stereotypes?!  Networks, I do applaud you though for the strides you’ve made and keep making i.e. The Fosters and maybe Grey’s Anatomy?  Calzona of Grey’s Anatomy is one of the few relationships I’m not familiar with because I haven’t watched the show since season 1 aired 100 years ago.  However, you better believe I’ve seen the gifs and quotes from the couple on Tumblr so basically I know them.  I’m glad we can be here for each other in our times of need.

At the end of the day I’m never truly embarrassed or sad that some of my most significant sources of joy come from those awesome users that run fandom Tumblrs like a well-oiled machine.  You can always count on them for gifs generated literally 2mins after an episode airs (seriously how the hell do you guys do that?), questions answered, theories proposed, and overall companionship.  This only becomes a potential social misstep if you lose the ability to keep a grasp on reality and the real life relationships that you should be cultivating. That’s not an issue for me at all but it would be nice to have that close “lezbro” who gets unnecessarily excited when your favorite queer characters look at each other in that way.  I’m sure that lezbro (or maybe even girlfriend) will come along someday so until then I will unabashedly continue to dive deep in the waves of queer shippers and fandoms.


“Holy Crap I’m Totally Gay” While Watching… (Television Edition)

20 Feb

If I was as rich, influential, and recognizable as Oprah, I too would have coined a two-syllable phrase that everyone and their grandma uses.  So I’ll use it as well. The “AHA!” moment.  You know the one where you’ve experienced repetitive behaviors or incidences when suddenly one day you put the clues together and come to a conclusion that seems obvious.  I can’t speak for every lesbian, but I’m sure many have had one of these moments or some mild form of one.  My AHA moments came into fruition while watching different shows and movies so I’ll share the ones I can remember with you.
We’ll start off with some television series that suspiciously caused my hormones to act up at what felt like inappropriate times:

Dark Angel was a television series that aired in 2000 and only lasted for two seasons.  In 2000 I was 10 years old and I can still remember this show having some kind of strange influence on me.  James Cameron was executive producer and it was a cyberpunk futuristic crime drama so naturally I was all over that.  But obviously it was the shows protagonist Max Guevara aka Jessica Alba that kept all my attention.  She made a living as a bicycle messenger and was generally clad in skin tight leather, the official ass kicking material of women apparently.  She defined sexy to me because she was strong and vulnerable, feminine and masculine.  Her wardrobe also oscillated between those spectrums.  Sometimes she’d be in heels and other times she’d be in sneakers and a ball cap.  At 10 years old I could pick up on these funny feelings that happened when a woman played with gender roles, but alas I did not know what it meant.  I also got pissed off every time she would end up with a guy so there’s that…

Hot Witches

Next on the show list is Charmed.  The first episode aired in 1998 and lasted for 8 seasons but I’m not sure if I was there in the beginning.  An Aaron Spelling baby, basically the show was about sister witches fighting evil that happened to find them all the damn time.  Similarly to Dark Angel, women kicking ass was the most basic premise.  You’re probably thinking how come she didn’t mention Buffy the Vampire Slayer?  Well to be honest it’s because I’ve never watched it!  Probably because it clashed with another one of my favorite shows 7th Heaven, which I was obsessed with.  Jessica Biel and Beverly Mitchell were so attractive.  But I’ve made a vow to watch Buffy in the near future since I have so much time on my hands nowadays (post grad seeking a “real job” more on that later).  The thing that charmed me about Charmed (lol) was again, having strong female leads who dominated their male counterparts.  Plus how hot were Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Rose McGowan, and Shannon Dohtery?  It makes me feel old that Holly Marie Combs currently plays a mom in one of my current guilty obsessions Pretty Little Liars (all the girls are hot and there’s a lesbian subplot, sue me).  In conclusion, ass kicking ladies are my kryptonite.

Hottest Teen Lesbian Couple Ever.

The final show on the list is South of Nowhere.  This is the show I sought out aside from Degrassi that had an obvious lesbian premiss.  Airing in 2005, the show follows a girl from her move from a conservative life in Ohio to one that completely disregarded all of the values her stereotypically devout Christian family had taught her.  In 2005 I was 15 so approximately one year before I had my first “official-ish” lesbian type relationship and came out to some friends.  This show could now have come at a better time.  I was there from the first episode to the last.  Spencer Hastings was the innocent girl from Ohio and Ashley Davies was the badass bisexual beast from L.A.  Complete opposites who fell in love with each other.  I commend the show because it dealt with topics ranging from race and religion to questioning sexuality, parental relationships, and drugs.  “Spashley,” as the shows hardcore fans call them online still live on through infinite blogs and Tumblrs.  I think another noteworthy characteristic of this show was the amount of physical interaction between Spencer and Ashley.  They kissed and touched just like any other couple and I had never really seen that between a young couple my age.  Ever since the first episode aired I dreamt of having a relationship exactly like Spashely.  Still waiting on that.  If there’s one thing that being gay has taught me it’s that patience is your best friend.  Long Live Spashley.  You can watch all the episodes here.  I highly recommend it if you’re questioning yourself or even just to cure natural curiosity.

These are just the first three television shows that came to mind.  I can fill an entire scroll full of shows that I watched through the queer window and find some kind of obscure lesbian angle.  Where else am I supposed to get my lesbian fill?