Orange Is The New… Obsession

29 Jul


Orange Is The New Black has been available for our viewing pleasures for approximately 2.5 weeks.  If you’re one of the unfortunate souls who has yet to binge watch all 13 episodes in a week  (or 2 days), WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  Do you remember that girl you had a crush on who consumed your thoughts your every waking moment?  The girl who could flip a switch on every emotion you carry within yourself?  This show is that girl.  Our eyes, brains, and souls have been waiting for a show like this.  A show created by a kickass woman (Jenji Kohan, the creator of Weeds) that features even more kickass women characters.  Frankly, this show has increased my lesbian pride ten-fold because I am just in awe and lust with every contributor to this project.  My initial interest in the show was sparked because I saw a gif of a naked Piper Chapman and Alex Vause in the shower; and that was all the motivation I needed to dive right in to this treat of a show.  However, the show moves far beyond our lady-on-lady prison fantasies.  Each woman has a story and their stories are raw and emotional.  Their personalities are vastly different offering us a smorgasbord of traits to love, hate, and connect to.  Obviously my mini review of the show will not rival the hundreds of “expert” reviews online, but I thought I’d share my perspective anyway.

I have a favorite character, but truthfully, I love each character and what they have to offer the show.

Can we just look at this cast?  Hot Donna.  Britney Spears’ BFF from the movie Crossroads. The lesbian sent to reform camp in But I’m A Cheerleader. Talents from the stages of Broadway.

Look at the diversity.  We have black, white, Russian, Latina, transgender, feminine, masculine, skinny, chubby… And that’s only the characters in this photo.  Other characters are a butch lesbian, a yogi, the side bitches, etc.  The variety is just unreal.  The other great thing about the show is that the characters don’t feel stereotyped at all.  Each dialogue feels natural and each inmate gets their time in the spotlight.  We learn their backstories.  We see their transformations and begin to feel for these women.  Can you guess who my favorite character is?

Thank You Jesus

Alex Vause is my favorite inmate because the way I lust after her is something serious.  She reminds me that I am definitely a dyke.  Her swagger is truly off the meter.  The way she seems so confident and unafraid on the outside, when in reality she’s so broken on the inside.  She’s not invincible like her body language gives off, and just like any other hot-blooded lesbian, she’s been destroyed by a “straight girl” (re: So You Fell In Love With ANOTHER Straight Girl).  She’s intelligent and resilient.  She’s unapologetic about her love for the female body.  Those black framed glasses and her subtle yet sexy mannerisms just top the sexy sundae that is Alex Vause.  She surpasses Shane from The L Word as being the lesbian with the most swagger.  For those who keep saying “there will never be another L Word and this sure isn’t it,” well of course it’s not.  You have to remember that this show is not just about lesbians.  In fact, the way sexuality is addressed in this show is phenomenal.  It’s normalized and mocked among the lesbian (or previously curious) characters, while simultaneously scrutinized by some of the other male and female characters.  Their interactions and relationships are just so wonderfully complicated and thoughtful that I still can’t believe this show exists.  I haven’t even touched the surface of the show in terms of what it offers to viewers.  I could write a 20 page essay on the show but I would need to watch the season over a few more times.

So just do yourselves a favor and go to Netflix right now and start watching.  If you don’t have Netflix there are other places where you can watch all 13 episodes.  You will laugh with tears streaming down your face.  You’ll cry and you’ll cringe in disgust and discomfort.  You might even have to go change your panties a few times.  Either way this show will make you feel some things a show probably hasn’t made you feel in quite some time.

Happy watching and feel relieved that season 2 is already a go.  Let me know what you think!


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