Titillating Tech Things

7 Jun

Did I get you with the word titillating?  Or was it tech?  Either way, not only am I a fan of the things I’ve written about in previous posts (women, film, television, etc), but I’m also a huge fan of technology.  I’m all for gadgets that make my life easier or apps that help me discover things I didn’t know about.  So my first tech feature will be on an app called Impulcity.  Impulcity is an interactive event discovery app for the iPhone (The Android version will be launched soon).  It takes your location, anywhere in the U.S., and will quickly tell you what cool things are happening around you.  Or you can search any city or zipcode and see what’s happening around there.  Concerts, drink specials, poetry nights, sporting events, family things… Literally anything that’s going on around you, Impulcity will show you where it’s happening.

The app is so much so a “must have” app of the summer that The Today Show featured it on their tech segment today.  So, click on the links in this blog post to check out the buzz.  I also hope you don’t mind me writing about things outside of lesbian issues.  I’ll probably in the future do music posts as well.  There is so much to discover out there!  Go fourth and find it!

The app is at #8 in iTunes’ top free Lifestyle apps.

Screen shot 2013-06-07 at 4.05.29 PM

Screen shot 2013-06-07 at 4.02.51 PM



One Response to “Titillating Tech Things”

  1. V1Vr June 9, 2013 at 7:03 am #

    What a cool app! I can’t wait to give it a shot. Another cool app that I just heard about today is “waze”. It’s a free app that allows drivers to report real time traffic problems, even the locations of police traps. It also allows for “friends” on the road, just in case you didn’t get enough online networking. 🙂

    Tech is awesome! Movies are awesome, no matter what the genre. Talk about what you want to talk about…someone’s listening. LGBT issues are important, and I think that your perspective is unique and fascinating, but it doesn’t need to define you. Thank you for writing what you do.

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