Why Women Hypnotize Me

19 Feb
“I love their voice, their eyes, their hair, their curves, their bodies, their laugher.  The sadness, the wetness.  See everything about women I love.  Touching them, feeling their skin against mine, making them feel good.  See I respect them and I respect myself.”

Of course I wouldn’t be a real lesbian if I didn’t have some L Word reference in one of my posts.  I’m kidding.   That is a terrible stereotype and not every lesbian watches The L Word incessantly and knows every season like the cuffs on their plaid button ups (I however do own every season on DVD.  It was a life changing show and I’m still waiting for another show with similar sentiments).

People always ask me why I like women because apparently there is a generous portion of the male and female population who think women are psychotic.  I like to use the terms “beautifully complex” or “insufferably intoxicating” but I suppose psychotic does the job.  I think it’s that complexity I am attracted to.  I know men can be complex as well but my brain must not be able to pick up on and feel those wavelengths.  Women are the puzzles that come with an infinite number of pieces with extra pieces that don’t fit.  It is possible to be addicted to complexity and sometimes I feel as though I have that addiction.  I like the challenge and I like the mystery.

Physically…  Physically.  Consult the quote above.  Papi said it best.

A woman’s voice:  When she’s satisfied.  When she’s tired.  When she’s hurt and on the verge of tears.  When she’s happy.  I can hear and sense every minute change in a woman’s voice and they all change the texture of my skin.  Women with lower pitched voices are especially attractive to me.

Their hair:  Long.  Short.  Straight.  Curly.  One shade.  Ombre.  Three shades.  It’s this variety I love.  The way it flows when she walks away from me.  The way I can play with it for hours voluntarily.  A woman’s hair is one of my favorite ways she expresses her current mood.

Their curves/bodies:  I mean come on… What person with a beating heart has never found themselves lusting over a pair of really great breasts?  Personally I am an ass girl.  To me a woman’s body is like a pendulum.  I cannot stop staring especially when they’re walking or dancing.  It’s such a fluid motion.  Curved lower backs leading to Dimples of Venus.  Everything is soft and quiet making any subtle change in textures noticeable.

Is there anything more attractive than a confident and strong woman?  Women who take charge of themselves and walk down the sidewalk like they laid the cement are my kryptonite.  Women who kick ass in the gym so much so that men stop with jaws dropped to appreciate their strength.  Did you see the film “Zero Dark Thirty?”  Jessica Chastain’s role turned me on so much because she did not take shit from anyone and stood her ground despite all the doubt that surrounded her.  Confidence is sexy readers.

I could go on and on.  If I ever find myself attracted you I’ll probably write you a poem about it.  Now you know a little bit of where my attraction stems from.  So if any of you heterosexuals out there wander onto my page, don’t ask your lesbian friend how is it possible they can be attracted to women.  Our brains can’t help it.


Go kiss a girl if you’ve never experienced the wonders.


2 Responses to “Why Women Hypnotize Me”

  1. lpasswater February 19, 2013 at 3:25 am #


  2. Robbie July 4, 2013 at 2:49 pm #

    A passing straight dude says: you’ve expressed my own attraction to women perfectly and with masterful eloquence.

    “To me a woman’s body is like a pendulum. I cannot stop staring especially when they’re walking or dancing. It’s such a fluid motion. Curved lower backs leading to Dimples of Venus. Everything is soft and quiet making any subtle change in textures noticeable.”


    So: Bravo, and good luck with your future happiness.

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